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PV Inverter

Photovoltaic inverters are one of the core components in solar photovoltaic power generation systems. Their main function is to convert the direct current generated by photovoltaic panels into alternating current that meets the power quality requirements of the power grid. We can provide connecting cables for internal components, including control circuit boards and various main components, such as display screens, boost boards, AC ports, inductors, DC switches, and so on.

PV combiner box

Photovoltaic DC circuit breaker boxes are wiring devices that ensure the organized connection and current collection function of photovoltaic modules in photovoltaic power generation systems. They ensure that photovoltaic systems are easy to disconnect during maintenance or inspection, and minimize the scope of power outages when photovoltaic systems experience faults. We can provide connecting cables for internal components, including connections between fuses, anti-reversal diodes, molded case circuit breakers, and surge protectors.

Energy storage module

The energy storage battery module can carry and transmit electrical energy, providing a safe and reliable power source for the energy storage system. It has the ability to efficiently store and release electrical energy, and can provide stable and reliable power supply. We can provide power connection wires between modules, information collection wires from individual modules to the control board (BCU), and BMS control wires.

High voltage switching box

The energy storage high-voltage control box is a high-voltage circuit management module that connects the battery cluster and the PCS, and has functions such as battery cluster voltage/current acquisition, contactor control, and protection. We can provide external power connection cables and BMU information acquisition cables.

Energy storage converter

The energy storage inverter is one of the core electrical devices in an energy storage system, and its function is to achieve bi-directional energy flow between the power grid (AC voltage) and the energy storage battery (DC voltage). By receiving control instructions from the communication system, the inverter controls the charging or discharging of the battery based on the sign and magnitude of the power command, achieving the regulation of active and reactive power on the grid. We can provide connection wires between internal power units, control units, and other auxiliary circuits.

Combiner cabinet

In the energy storage system, the function of the combiner box is mainly to concentrate the electrical energy of multiple battery modules (or battery packs) to form a unified electrical energy output, which can facilitate the transmission and distribution of power, and achieve current control, monitoring, and protection functions to meet the needs of different loads or power systems. We can provide connecting wires between internal relays, switching power supplies, circuit breakers, fuses, terminal blocks, etc.


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