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Electrical equipment connecting wires, UL, VDE, TÜV, CCC authorized certifications.

  • High temperature Wire
  • Electronic Wire
  • Silicone rubber wire
  • Power Wire
  • Photovoltaic Wire
  • Automotive Wire


Satisfying the connection application needs of different types of electrical engineering.


Thorough quality monitoring throughout the entire process, scientific and detailed management throughout the entire process.

  • Responsive Agility
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Stable Quality
Responsive Agility
Responsive Agility

Responsive Agility

Promise to provide agile, professional, and patient service to every customer dedicated customer service personnel.

  • personalized service
  • professional technical support
  • efficient internal collaboration
Lean Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

The precise control and digital management of the production process.

  • 6S Lean Management
  • SixSigma Management
  • digital Management
  • automation Equipment
Stable Quality
Stable Quality

Stable Quality

Over 18 years of industry practical experience, with a continuous focus on improving existing product issues.

  • strict quality feedback mechanism
  • standardized production process
  • effective quality management system
  • extensive quality inspection methods


With its outstanding technical expertise, extensive business scope, and numerous successful cases, Haerkn has become the ideal partner for many clients.

Guangdong Haerkn
New Energy Co., Ltd

A high-tech certified enterprise with product R&D and production centers in Dongguan and Jiangxi. It has been a wire manufacturer for nearly 20 years and is committed to providing intelligent system connection solutions for the Internet of Things.

About us

Haerkn Strength

Adhere to the business philosophy of "winning the market with advanced technology and repaying users with high-quality services", and drive the industry forward with a pioneering attitude.

  • Production base
  • Company reality
  • Experienced team
  • Enterprise VR
  • Qualification certificate
Production base

The two major production bases in Dongguan and Ganzhou,
Annual production of millions of meters

Company reality
Company reality
Company reality

Modern landscaped industrial park,
Automated production line equipment

Experienced team
Experienced team
Experienced team

Highly specialized team dedicated to providing customers with excellent services and solutions

Qualification certificate

There are a total of 37 patented technologies