Haerkn's digital transformation project kickoff meeting was successfully held

Date:2022-08-16 Author: admin


On August 16th, the launch ceremony of Haerkn's digital transformation project was successfully held at its headquarters. Attending the meeting were senior leaders of the group company, representatives from Huawei's Empowerment Center, and members of Huawei Cloud Solution project.

The launch of this digital transformation project marks the official deepening of the strategic cooperation between Haerkn and Huawei Cloud. At the launch ceremony, Li Yonghua, the chairman of the group company, stated that the success of an enterprise requires excellent strategies and outstanding organizational capabilities. Huawei, as a strategic partner, is not only well-known and accomplished, but also has extraordinary achievements in strategic planning, enterprise culture shaping, and digital construction. He believes that Huawei can help Haerkn accelerate its digital transformation and management upgrading.

Huang Weiyu, the deputy director of Dongguan Huawei Empowerment Center, also expressed at the launch ceremony that they strongly feel Haerkn's confidence and determination in carrying out its digital transformation. Huawei Empowerment Cloud has served more than 200 enterprises in digital transformation in Songshan Lake. Huawei's digital construction solution can provide technical support and successful experience for Haerkn's digital transformation project.

In order to better promote the development of Haerkn's digital transformation project, Zheng Haitao, a senior expert in Huawei's digital diagnosis, shared the overall progress plan of the project, the project promotion mode, and the specific responsibilities of the project team members with the Haerkn leadership. Mr. Zheng stated that the digital diagnosis of this project is centered around the entire company's business as a starting point, and through the research stage, architecture stage, special program, and landing implementation, it can achieve the company's strategic development goals.