Gannan Daily's interview team visited Haerkn

Date:2022-07-23 Author: Haerkn


Recently, the leadership team of Gannan Daily, including the President Zeng Dejun, Vice Editor-in-Chief Xiao Ruihua, Director of Communications Department Xiao Sen, Director of Livelihood News Department Yu Shufu, and Deputy Director of Audiovisual Center Huang Ziqian, visited Haerkn and received a warm welcome from the Chairman Li Yonghua, R&D Director Tian Hua, Marketing Director Du Yuxia, and Market Development Director Natt Hua. The leadership team visited the group's headquarters and Shatian manufacturing base in Dongguan city.

During the visit, Chairman Li warmly welcomed the interviewing team from Gannan Daily and talked about the company's entrepreneurial history, strategic development plan, and future industry development layout. Chairman Li also positioned "2022" as the first year of the company's long-term development, aiming to create a new era, build a new journey, and showcase new achievements.

At the symposium, Chairman Li and the interviewing team also exchanged views on the business environment in Ganzhou city. With the construction of Ganzhou's transportation network, optimization of industrial development policies and industrial structure policies, Ganzhou's economic development will get better and better, and it will also become more stable among the top 100 cities. As a native of Ganzhou, Chairman Li, who came to Guangdong to start a business in his early years, has been practicing the spirit of Gansu merchants in the new era, responding to the call of returning home to invest and start businesses, and actively participating in the hot practice of hometown reform and development. Chairman Li took the lead in investing in the Haerkn Industrial Park in Quannan County, creating more employment opportunities for his hometown, and helping to revitalize the rural economy.

Looking to the future, Haerkn Group will continue to lay out the entire industry chain in Ganzhou city and strive to become a global high-end intelligent manufacturing base for the group company.