Haerkn carries out digital transformation

Date:2022-07-25 Author: Haerkn


Haerkn and Huawei Cloud have signed a deep cooperation agreement aimed at accelerating Huakun's digital transformation strategy. Huawei Cloud will provide comprehensive services from top-level planning and consulting, architecture and solution design to implementation, to promote the overall upgrade of Haerkn's digital transformation. At the signing ceremony of the agreement, Li Yonghua, Chairman of Haerkn, stated that with the continuous breakthrough and acceleration of the new generation of information technology into various industries, Haerkn must build a new engine for digital transformation and innovate business models through digital transformation to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

2022 is the first year of Haerkn's transformation and upgrading. To this end, Haerkn has proposed a long-term strategic plan of 20 years and short and medium-term strategic goals. Through digital construction, Haerkn will vigorously implement digital transformation and empower high-quality development.

When selecting the partner for the digital construction project, Haerkn conducted in-depth research and analysis on the strategic goals and implementation layout of enterprise digital transformation, organized digital construction seminars many times, and finally chose Huawei Cloud as the partner. According to Haerkn's strategic development, Huawei Cloud will deeply understand Haerkn's short-, medium-, and long-term development goals, rely on evaluation and diagnostic indicator systems and analysis models, innovate digital models, plan digital blueprints and service platform architecture, and design and construct paths to form an evolution plan for the digital transformation process.

The two parties will work together in the digital transformation process to build Haerkn's future 20-year corporate development vision, and become a world-class enterprise with core technology, internationally renowned brands, and first-class governance level. Looking to the future, Haerkn will learn Huawei's unique management philosophy, deeply utilize its professional advantages in digital construction, accelerate the pace of digital transformation, and create a better future.